This is for all incoming students who will be studying in Delft, hopefully, this will answer your questions about accommodation and you’ll be able to find one soon as possible. Several options where to search (and hopefully find) accommodation in Delft:

The largest student housing provider is DUWO. For most students, this is the go-to student housing provider. (

  • Kamernet is another website where people offer housing, making an account is free but replying to an offer needs a paid account. (

  • Many of our students also found their accommodation through Facebook groups. Make sure you search for groups including keywords such as ‘rooms’ ‘housing’ ‘huisvesting’ and ‘delft’. Many rooms are offered in these groups or another option is to make a post where you explain your situation and the fact you’re searching for a room. When finding a room through Facebook, make sure that the landlord is actually in Holland and able to show you the place, otherwise, you could be looking at a scam. Sending money in advance and/or abroad is also unusual, so keep an eye out for that!

  • We’ve also had several students who stayed at The Student Hotel in The Hague. This is another option but keep in mind you will need to travel from The Hague to Delft which is a 7-minute train ride. (

  • A temporary option is to stay at a hostel in Delft such as Hostel Delft (you will get 10% discount on 3+ nights with an ESNcard) or stay in a StayOkay hostel in The Hague (likewise you will get a discount of 10% here with an ESNcard).

  • Another temporary option or sometimes even an option for a longer period of time is AirBNB. ESN and AirBNB do have a partnership and therefore you will be able to get a discount with your ESNcard. (

  • Just like the partnership with AirBNB, we also have a partnership with Uniplaces where you could get a discount with an ESNcard. Uniplaces is another platform who focusses on student accommodation. (


These are several options to look into when searching for accommodation in Delft. Always be careful when transferring money beforehand and make sure the landlord is reliable.


For any questions, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to