As you probably know by now, a bike is the best and most-used way to get around in Holland and Delft is no exception. Our country's entire infrastructure is based around bikes, and it is essential to have one! It is often the first thing international students want to buy, so the question is raised: where to get a bike in Delft? Check out some of the options below!


Often people will put up 'bike for sale' ads on Facebook, especially in international groups. A lot of students come and go every semester, so you have a pretty good chance of finding a fellow international student that is leaving Delft and has to get rid of their bike. In our Facebook group we will also post 'bike for sale' ads we see around, for example, paper ads in student housing buildings. 

Bike Shops

If you don't want to wait for a post on Facebook or you want a sturdier bike (oftentimes the ones on Facebook are student bikes, hence a little on the crappier side ;-)) you can try to find a second-hand bike shop. Beware however that sometimes people sell stolen bikes, which could get you in trouble! To avoid this, the municipality of Delft has compiled a list of trusty bike shops, which you can find here

Student Buildings

If you live in a large student building, there is quite a good chance someone in the building knows someone who is trying to sell a bike! Also, people that are looking to sell a bike often put up ads in student housing buildings, since the typical college student bike breaks quite often and there are always students looking for a new bike! 


You might have seen the bikes with the blue tires around in Delft. For a fixed amount per month (12-15 euros), you can get a bike at Swapfiets. They will take responsibility for all the necessary service and give you a new bike within 12 hours if the one you have breaks down. You can apply for the bike on their website.