Hear Hear!

The perfect place to unwind after a long, long day, and to prepare for the week ahead. Every once in a while there is a special theme to the social drink, such as karaoke night or band night, so make sure to join us! Even if there is no dedicated theme, our social drink are the perfect occasion to relax, chat about the weird habits of the Dutch with fellow international students and expand your friend circle.

In addition to hanging out, the ESN Tuesdays is also one and only occasion to buy tickets for events (online also possible, link will be here soon) and the one and only ESNcard! Just another reason to join us at Club Ciccionina or the Brothers in the Hood. For more info on our events check out the 'Events' page, for the ESNcard surf over to the 'Partners' page. 


We can't wait to see you Tueday! Cheers!