Did you know that there is a sport where drinking is necessary in order to win 🍻➡⚽🥇? This wonderful sport it’s called FLUNKYBALL and we are making a whole tournament out of it🏆

Flunky... What? If you never heard of this sport, don’t worry! Here you could find some basics to understand it:

✅ Set up: Two teams (4 players each) stand opposite to each other and each member has a drink in front of them. In the middle of the two team there is one big bottle.

⚽ Every player (one at a time) tries to hit the big bottle in the middle with a ball. When he/she succeeds, everybody on his team needs to drink as fast as they can until the player of the other team pick the ball and place the big bottle correctly at the center.
Then its the turn of the other group

⚠ IMPORTANT: you can only drink when someone at your team scores the big bottle and you MUST put your drinks back in front of you when the other team recover the ball and place the big bottle when it should be.

🏅To win this game, your group needs to finish their drinks before the other players do.

🏆Do your best because we are giving a GREAT PRIZE to the winning team🏆

What are you waiting for? 💪🏼
Sign up and get your tickets here: https://eventix.shop/59zjnwq5

💸Participation fee:💸
ESN Card Holders: 3€
Non ESN Card Holders: 4€
(Eventix charge us with 1€ fee, if you do not want to pay this fee you can buy the tickets at our office hours every Friday from 12:45 to 13:30 😏)

🍻🍷 We will provide you with all the beer needed. (If you don’t like beer, don’t worry we will have other things for you)

📆📍⏰ We are waiting for you on Friday 22nd of November at Professor Schermerhornstraat (18:30)

22/11/2019 - 18:30