We’ve all been haunted by the Duolingo owl but how much have our language skills really improved?🤓

Whether you want to polish up your high school French🇫🇷, learn a couple of pick up lines in Spanish😏🇪🇸 or maybe just miss speaking your mother tongue while you’re on exchange in The Netherlands🇳🇱, we’ve got you covered!

At our Language Café☕ you’ll have the opportunity to improve your skills, teach others your own language and meet new people all evening long. No one here expects you to have the perfect pronunciation or pass the next TOEFL test, so everyone and every language is welcome✨.
We’re starting out with an English table and as soon as you find someone who you’d like to talk to in a different language you just start a new language table.🗣️✨

For more information visit the event on Facebook.

03/12/2019 - 18:00 to 21:00