🏤ESN Delft is going to the Hague Museum Night! 🏤

A museum night is a night during which a city opens up the museums, exhibitions & organizes all kinds of performances and activities!

Don't forget to sign up for this amazing event in order to enjoy it together with us! ❤️

⏳ The evening will start at 19:00 with everyone biking together to the Hague then splitting up into groups according to interests*.

🚲 Biking is the most efficient way to travel that night as it gives you plenty of flexibility!

In small groups we will visit the most interesting performances🤹‍♀️and exhibitions🎨as well as participate in activities!
At 00:00 we will meet each other at the Roller Disco🕺🏼in the Atrium of The Hague after which we will go to the after-party at Bleyenberg!

*We will go to activities & exhibitions divided into three groups:

🥊🥇💪🏻Group 1: Active night! This group is for people who always spend more time at museum shops than looking at paintings. You don't want to spend the night reading art-descriptions and we understand that! Sign up for this group if you want a night full of interesting activities throughout the Hague that will let you be part of the culture!

👁👨🏽‍🎨🎭Group 2: Cultural night! This group is for the art connoisseurs! You actually know the difference between expressionism and impressionism and are not afraid to show that! Join this group for like-minded people who will take their time & get to know the ins and outs of the Hague's museums.

🌆🔮👽Group 3: Hipster night! You kinda like art & certainly have your own collection of happy socks. Secretly, you go to museums for those trendy insta-pics and we know that. You want a night full of diversity and hands-on experiences as well as seeing the classic masterpieces. Join this group for a dynamic & enriching night that will surely blow your mind!

📌We will post the tickets very soon; in the meantime don't forget to like the facebook event / click 'interested' or 'going' to be updated :)

🎟🎟Tickets will include🎟🎟
1. The Hague Museum Night Entrance Ticket
2. (Depending on the program) Activities participation fee

📮📮Send us a message if you have any questions 📮📮

P.S. If you would love to participate but are not sure about the biking, reach out to us to see what the possibilities are.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/519825542107235/

05/10/2019 - 19:00