We all know the feeling, you decide to sleep in one morning, but when you head to the library, you find that it’s completely full 😫. Well, ESN has got you covered. 👌

This Saturday, 26th of October, get the sleep that you deserve and join us at the DUWO common room at Prof. Schermerhornstraat at 10:30 AM for a study/relaxation session.

We will provide you with tea, coffee and various snacks to power you through your study session. ☕💪
Microwaves will also be available at the common room.

If you feel in a sandwich/pancake mood 🥪🥞 we can also provide you with that!

We will see you Saturday!

P.S. DUWO Common room is at: Professor Schermerhornstraat 131, 2628 Delft, Nederland

26/10/2019 - 10:30 to 18:30