WhatsOn Delft

What's going on in Delft this weekend? Where can I get financial advice? These, and many more questions, are answered on the WhatsOn app, developed by TU Delft students. The app is a user-driven platform which contains tips and tricks to help make student life easier.

Housing Anywhere

HousingAnywhere currently has nearly 100 available residences in Delft, composed of short term accommodation possibilities and we also have deals with housing providers and landlords to provide for long term housing. The platform also works together with more than 100 universities worldwide to increase the availability of housing for incoming exchange students! In total, there are 50 000 rooms available in 4000 cities. So wherever your next destination is, have a look here to find your future home: www.housinganywhere.com. ESNcard holders get a 20% discount on the booking fee.


You can use our discount code: HA_ESNNL_17dft

All ESNcard holders get a 20% discount on all products of our partner Doppio Espresso Delft, as well as the discounted price on a small Americano of 2 euros.

Magnet.me is an online network that enables students and employers to connect in an easy, direct and personal way.

Flixbus allows you to travel across Europe for a very convenient price. 

We have discount cards for anyone who is interested in them. You can get them during our Weekly Social Drink or at our office during office hours