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Buddy Program

Help new students and make friends!

Arriving at a new place in a different country can be daunting – the challenges of settling into a new city, starting to learn at a new university, and being far away from old friends and family are just some of the challenges new international students face.


Our buddy program matches groups of 4 or 5 new students with 1 or 2 buddies, who already got the hang of life in Delft. It is great to have someone to turn to with any questions, and buddy groups can also serve as your new social circle – your little Delft family.


We will be looking for new buddies for the upcoming academic year – expect more information and a sign-up form in August 2022.


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Running our weekly activities and maintaining our partnerships would not be possible without our committees! Our teams work on delivering fun events, making sure everything runs smoothly, and help with some of the organisational aspects.

Even if you have limited time to contribute, we have exciting ways to get involved – whether you have a special talent for design, communication, marketing, social media, events organising, project management, or good local knowledge